August 22, 2019

New Offices, Same Feeling

A famous quote says that the only constant thing is change and, without any doubt, we reconfirmed it during these last months. We updated our brand, our website, and now our offices too.

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Another constant is that, every day, we feel the same we felt the first day we entered the market, many years ago: the adrenalin of what’s to come, the happiness for what we’ve achieved, and the passion to keep doing.

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To our team, to our clients, to our partners, to our friends: THANKS! We’re estudio/nk because you walk by our side.

Next News

Introducing the new nk

We are happy to present you our new identity. <br> All these years, we’ve been working with different brands and industries in branding, strategy, web development, e-commerce and lots of other stuff. In all projects, we had the same baseline: re-discover the essence to leverage the business. <br> So, by realizing we could do so many things for others, we wondered: Why don’t we do for us what we do for others? That’s how this process began, but now we had the toughest client: us.

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